2021 IDEA Institute FAQ

  • Special needs: If you need special accommodations, please let us know three weeks in advance.
  • Dietary Requests: Please notify us two weeks in advance, if you have a special dietary request.
  • Requests can be entered in this survey or addressed to Claudia Gutierrez at cgutier4@vols.utk.edu and/or Dr. Dania Bilal at dania@utk.edu.

What’s the difference in cost between IMLS-funded fellows and self-funded fellows?

IMLS funded Fellows and self-funded Fellows will be exposed to the same Institute curriculum, activities, events, and  opportunities. The difference is that funded Fellows have all Institute expenses covered by the IMLS IDEA Institute grant. Self-funded Fellows pay a program fee, airfare, lodging, meals outside of the Institute, and transportation to and around Knoxville.

What’s covered for IMLS-funded fellows?

For Participants living outside the Knoxville area, the Fellowship covers

    • Lodging for six nights paid directly by the Institute
    • Airfare reimbursed at actual cost up to a maximum of $500.
    • Meals provided by the Institute (5 lunches and 2 dinners)
    • Per diem for meals not provided by the Institute

For Participants living within the Knoxville area, the Fellowship covers

    • Meals provided by the Institute (5 lunches and 2 dinners)

Health insurance is not provided with the Award. The Award is non-deferrable and is only valid if you participate in the entire 2021 Institute.

How to get reimbursement for airfare?

Pre- and post-travel receipts can be submitted for reimbursement by July 21, 2021. Reimbursements may take up to 60 days. Pre- travel receipts can also be submitted during the Institute.